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About FYP


One of the most challenging things about making committed change in a persons’ life is 'where to begin'. It seems like there are so many conflicting pieces of information out there. The goal with FYP is to supply a consistent source of information around Nutrition, Life Style, Exercise and overall Health and Longevity.

You will not find 'Quick Fixes' or risky diets here. We are focused on nutrient dense foods.

You will not find marketing gimmicks or false claims of 'Abs in 7 minutes'. Real results come from real work.

YOU WILL find links, resources, and thoughtful insights to help you better understand your health.

If you need more direct support, please review the Personal Training or Nutrition Coaching sections. I have helped many people move through their rough patches in life - let me help you.

Mike Healy



Monterey, California / Portland, Oregon in Partnership with CrossFit Body and Fuel