Monthly Archives: October 2012

Don’t wait for Jan 1st…

Have you been wanting to change your diet?
Are you lost on how to start?
Do you have that feeling that something is just not working right?

Don’t wait for January 1st to commit to a new diet – let’s prepare NOW.
Here is what I am offering, effective November 1st I will lead a group of people (maximum 10 people) for 21 days. During this time, I will work with you to clean up your diet and help you start your improved lifestyle tailored to your goals. (weight loss, improved health, performance, etc)

In the 21 days that we are working together, you will be responsible for a Daily Food Log that I will have access to. I will leave comments and recommendations throughout the week to support your progress.

Each week, we will schedule a 15 min phone consultation to discuss progress and plans for the upcoming week.

Throughout the 21 days, I will send you articles to read – this ‘homework’ will help explain the ‘why’s’ behind why your food choices and lifestyle changes are so important.

Now, because I am looking for serious people only, this program will be limited to 10 people and will cost $50 per person.

What you can expect:
Better Sleep
Quicker Recovery
Improved Performance
Reduced (potentially eliminated) Allergy symptoms
Reduced (potentially eliminated) medicinal requirments
and so much more…

If you are interested in this opportunity – email me directly.