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November Foods!


Pumpkin Pancakes w/ Bacon and Eggs – No FLOUR!

November tends to bring the stress of eating ‘healthy’ and the guilt associated with it to an all time high. With Thanksgiving and Holiday Parties on the calendar, it can become increasingly challenging to avoid the bad foods. That should not be an excuse. At the end of the day, you have control over what goes into your mouth. Although that is easy to say (and easier to write), it is not ‘easy’ to implement. The secret – find healthier versions of the things you love.

You like Mash Potatoes – find a recipe that uses Cauliflower instead – like this

You like Pumpkin Pie – this one ROCKS!

You need other GREAT Thanksgiving Recipes – check out these sites:


NomNom Paleo

Whole9Life – A Healthy Thanksgiving

Mark’s Daily Apple – Thanksgiving search

Don’t let excuse of ‘It’s the holiday’ or ‘I’ll start in the new year’ or ‘I’ll just do it at this one party’ (there will be MANY parties this time of year). If you don’t know what foods will be at the event you are headed to – BRING YOUR OWN and share. Yeah, it will cost a little more than you normally would spend. Yes, you will have to make a LOT because everyone around you will be SCARFING down YOUR food. Yes, YOU WILL HAVE BETTER OPTIONS TO CHOOSE FROM when you do this…


Services… get healthier

We are heading into that time of year where people tend to indulge on all of the super tasty (and horribly bad) foods in MASSIVE portions. Then, we finish out the year with resolutions on how to get ‘Healthier’. Often, these resolutions fade away quicker than they appeared, only to start the cycle all over again.

If any of this sounds familiar, then do something about it. Buck the trend. Reverse the effects. Find the balance between having an enjoyable life AND being healthy (they can go hand in hand, believe it or not :)).

I am not advocating a diet without great tasting foods.

I am not expecting you to count your calories.

I am not suggesting that you ‘suffer’ your way to health.

It is hard to give 1 direction on what to do – everyone requires different attention and different details/tweaks. The Paleo Diet is very good – it addresses 99% of everything one would need to get on track to ideal health. Most people need help and guidance through this change. Many people need help and suggestions on how to adjust their food choices while on the road, working, traveling, odd schedules, busy lives, etc… This is where I come in.

I have worked with all sorts of clients and have helped them adjust their diets to gain the results they need to get healthier. The priority is TRUE HEALTH – not the number on the scale. The aesthetics ┬ápiece will fall into place over time and as the body becomes healthier. There is a lot to it…

Not only do I work with you on Food Choices, but I work with you on the emotional attachment that comes with Food Choices – the addictions and cravings – the guilt and negative associations. Learn how to take control over your food and food choices.

If you want more details or have any questions – please feel free to contact me.

Save your New Year’s Resolution for something more exciting like ‘TRAVEL MORE’ rather than ‘Lose Weight’.

Gut Health

Finding a balance in health, performance, work, and social life can be a challenge. The clients I work with regularly tend to have the most difficult time knowing when to buckle down and be super strict and when to let loose.
At the end of the day, it all depends on where you are on the overall health spectrum. The closer you are to ULTIMATE HEALTH, the more leeway you have with your food choices (for a short period of time). The closer your are to SICK, the less room for error you have and the more strict you need to be.
When a client asks me if they can have Ice Cream, Beer, or Pizza (for example) – my response is always the same… “It Depends”.
It Depends on a bunch of things:
1. How strict/compliant have you been?
2. How is your digestion, poop (ha! he said poop), sleep, and recovery from workouts?
3. Is it going to be the BEST Friggen Ice Cream, Beer, or Pizza in the world?!?!
4. Are you going to savor every morsel?

These are just some of the things to consider.
As I mentioned, your digestion and poop (giggle) need to be dialed in before you consider any off course food options. The negative impacts can be pretty rough if you indulge too frequently or too BIG.

This week there is a free Gut Health Webinar launching.
Check out this link to sign up.
It should be very insightful – so if your POOP is anything but PERFECT, you should prioritize this opportunity to gain some knowledge.

It is important to know how food impacts you – inside and out.