Monthly Archives: December 2013

Food and Emotions



The emotional aspect of food is largely under assessed. It’s easy to write about what you should eat and what you should avoid. Creating a ‘Plan’ can be fun and exciting – executing said  ‘Plan’ is another story.

Finding a Coach who can help you through this is critical. Taking small, consistent steps towards a Healthy Relationship with food is the priority. This is where some of the current diet trends miss the mark completely. 30 Day elimination diets are good for bringing awareness of how certain foods impact the body, but what do you do with that information after the 30 days? And what kind of stress/pressure/anxiety is brought up during those 30 days? Everyone reacts differently. In the end – you need to know what your goals are and why you are choosing the path you are on.

We off support for clients who need help with the emotional side of their diet. If you suspect that you have triggers that lead to over eating or poor food choices, let’s chat. Together, we can help create a plan that steers you in the right direction for Optimal Health. Everyone’s needs are different. We can help you uncover what your needs are… you may be surprised on what the ACTUAL root cause is.