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Busy Professional; Part 1

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The focus of this article is about better eating options for the busy professional.
Quick background on me – I have spent many years in the corporate environment and have learned how to navigate the unhealthy world of eating, sitting, driving, constant computer work, and endless meetings. One of the most important things to realize is this – even though you may be extremely exhausted at the end of a busy work day, you likely BARELY MOVED. This inactivity is putting an enormous dent in your health. It is speeding up your aging process and making you less and less healthy. There are several things you can do to counter-balance this poor situation.
1. Move more. Park further away from the building, take the stairs rather than the elevator, drink plenty of water and go to the bathroom further away from your desk, etc… MOVE MORE.
2. Ditch the carbs. The breads, grains, sugar, excess fruit, etc… Carbs are instant quick energy, but if you don’t use them immediately, the excess is stored as body fat. Realize how much (or little) you move and adjust your carbs DOWN.
3. Increase your protein and healthy fats.
4. Prioritize sleep – even if that means going to bed shortly after 8pm. No joke.
5. Drink plenty of water… Over 120oz a day
6. Cut the caffeine – especially if you are trying to get your sleep under control

Next Article – Food/Meal options