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Busy Professional Part 2

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Now let’s talk about meals… Breakfast
For the busy professional, eating and exercise often get pushed to the bottom of the priority list.
From the moment you get up, it tends to be ‘go, go, go’.
Getting up a little earlier to ensure you get a solid breakfast is often unimaginable (but mostly because you were up late or had poor sleep). As with any new project or focus at work, you will need to make some committed adjustments to your routines at home in order to make this a successful venture.

  • Get to sleep earlier
  • Wake up earlier
  • Eat each of your meals
  • Repeat

I mentioned it in part 1 – reduce your carbs and increase your protein. Here are some examples of Breakfast meals that are quick and easy:
In order to make them super quick, you need to utilize ‘left overs’-
Eggs and green beans
Eggs and broccoli
Eggs and zucchini
Pork chops and any left over veggie
or make this in advance and have these ‘muffins’ ready to go.

By taking a little extra time and preparing a little extra food, you set yourself up for success by having the tools available when you need it (and when you don’t have the time). Making sure you keep your energy levels consistent throughout the day by eating solid meals will help you in everything you do. Clearer mind for decisions, more energy for everything, better attitude, less stress, and better health.

If your ‘go-to’ is a bowl of cereal with a glass of orange juice, you are simply supplying your body with a big hit of SUGAR and preparing it for a day of ‘hunting’ for more. Be careful – it is sneaky. Sugar is in everything… check out this website to see some side by side comparisons of how much sugar is in the foods you may consider ‘healthy’.