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REVIEW: Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo

I recently received an advanced copy of Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo of Balanced Bites so that I could review it.  I feel bad it has taken me so long, but there is so much information packed in this gem, I didn’t want to miss a thing!

The book is part sciencey, also known as The Why, part 30 Day Meal Plans, part Recipes and completely AMAZING!  The sciencey part is very easy to understand.  If you have ever listened to one of Diane’s podcasts or been to one of her seminars, you will quickly realize she writes just like she talks…very engaging, easy to follow and with just as much passion as compassion.       

Part One, The Why, starts out explaining what Paleo is and provides a “start here” list of whole foods to include, which refined foods to eliminate and why.  There are even helpful guides, which by the way you can tear out, such as a stocking a Paleo pantry, food quality, fats, cooking fats, dense carb sources, sweeteners and gluten.  I love the guides and can see taking them with me to the grocery store or farmers market.  There is even a section about eating out and traveling…she just didn’t miss a thing.

I especially appreciate how she breaks down the digestive system, leaky gut and sugar regulation so that a layperson like me can understand it.  She explains what can go wrong and how to fix it.  There is even a guide to: Your Poop!  Part One ends with an FAQ packed with relevant questions and lucid answers.

Part Two is probably my favorite.  Each meal plan focuses on a specific condition, set of related conditions or goals.  Diane has not only mapped out 30 days worth of meals, but also provides lifestyle recommendations and supplements and herbs to consider, again, specific to conditions or goals.  Some of the meal plans (not all, too many to list) include autoimmune conditions, blood sugar regulation, thyroid health, MS, neurological health, heart health, athletic performance, fat loss and even a squeaky clean Paleo.  I have already picked out a few I will be following!

Part Three is all about the food!  Recipes that is.  We have already tried the Bacon-Wrapped Smoky Chicken Thighs, the Bone Broth, the Lemon Rosemary Broiled Salmon, the Fresh Blueberry Crumble and we are so anxious to try the Italian Style Stuffed Peppers this weekend!  The recipes have been wonderful so far, the pictures are beautiful, the instructions are easy to follow and I appreciate that in the margin she provides recipes alternatives if someone is nightshade or fodmap sensitive.

I just can’t say enough about this book…it is a must have!

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Underground Wellness Interview!

Diane Sanfilippo of Practical Paleo will be interviewed on Underground Wellness tonight!
If you have the chance to listen, they will cover things like Gluten Intolerance, Blood Sugar Regulation and Digestive Health.
You can watch it live here
or watch it later
Or call in tonight to listen – 347.237.5608

It airs 5pm/ET (2pm/PT)

Should be entertaining!