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Everything seems to be ‘High Priority’. The to-do list keeps getting longer and longer. Nothing falls off. All of it needs to be completed yesterday.

The general world I see, through my experiences and the experiences of my cleints, is that there is almost zero down time in our schedules. Whether it is work, school or relationships – there is minimal time allowed for personal attention.

I don’t claim to be an expert on managing all of this. I over book myself and fall short of my desired results regularly – but there are some key differences to how I prioritize my time and personal health vs. how most of the people I interact with do. No matter how packed my schedule is or how many ‘PAST DUE’ items are on my to-do list I keep these priorities in tact:
1. Eat Well
2. Exercise
3. Find a rythmn and pace that allows me to be mindful and productive
4. Enjoy the down time – schedule ‘Breathers’

Let’s go into this a little more, starting with ‘Eat Well’. You have to eat. I don’t care how busy you are or how long your list of due items are, you have to eat. This is where you can make THE SINGLE LARGEST impact to your overall health and quality of life. Choose better food. Strive to make each meal healthier. It takes the same amount of time to scramble up some eggs, add an avocado and top it with a little salsa as it does to throw a couple of pop tarts into the toaster. Choose better food.

Exercise – This is CRITICAL if you have a job that requires you to sit for most of your day. Sitting is becoming more and more of a health crisis in the modern world than ever before. The inactivity, poor mobility, improper posture and positioning is causing problems from EVERY health angle you can imagine. Poor metabolism, poor circulation, poor muscle development, increased neck and back pains, improper shoulder and hip alignments… the list goes on. If you have a job that requires you to sit, EXERCISE needs to be at the top of your priority list. You must ‘undo’ the damage you are doing DAILY.

Rythmn – I learned about this through some of the Life Coaching certification work I gained. Rythmn is about finding a pace that you can sustain for the long haul. It requires having routines put into place. Knowing how much time you need to accomplish certain projects or tasks. Allowing yourself time to move from one to the other. Learning how to keep a cadence that does not cause significant stress, but is appropriately productive. For example – wake up, have a good morning routine that allows you time to get ready for the day and eat a good breakfast. Allow time to get out to the car and head to work without having to ‘battle’ traffic or drive like a maniac. Get to work and set up for the day. Enjoy your morning beverage and be mindful of what you are doing. Move from one task to another without rushing. Have a nice lunch without ‘multi-tasking’. Talk to people, look them in the eye. Breathe. Move through the day like this. Finish in the evening with a nice dinner. Have an enjoyable cup of tea as you wind down for the evening. Go to bed feeling relaxed and confident that you will repeat this the next day.

Enjoy the down time – I schedule more ‘flex’ time into my schedule than I actually need. I do this so I have more breathing room around my projects. Sometimes a project will get cancelled or will take significantly less time than I thought. These moments I cherish. They may get filled with a long over due item, but the completion of that project brings great joy. I also make sure I actually schedule the down time/breathers. Lately I have had to schedule ‘Walk the Dogs’ in order to make sure it didn’t feel like Something Else I Have to Do. I love walking the dogs. It helps me get some fresh air, spend quality time with the ‘pack’ and get some exercise. I’ll add my 25# weight vest to combine some additional challenge if it is a particularly busy day, but otherwise it is a great opportuntiy to ‘undo’ the sitting damage I did during the rest of my day. This is also the time to just decompress.

If you properly implement these concepts – you will see some significant changes in your life. The one I monitor regularly is my overall health. How often am I getting sick? It has been well over a year since I had any kind of illness or need to cash in a Sick Day. There will be days that I dont feel 100% – sure. These days I slow my Rythmn down and improve my Eat Well focuses. I skip the workouts and make sure the casual dog walk happens. The ‘To-Do’ list is even lower priority. By doing this, I generally only need the one day to bounce back – the next day, I am right back into my normal Rythmn. If you ignore these signs and push through with 100% effort, you will burnout. When this happens, every wheel on the cart falls off. It can take days if not weeks to recover. Think about the loss of productivity in this situation.

Personally, I don’t have time to get sick. There are too many things I WANT to do. It’s not so much a matter of having things I ‘Have to do’ – I choose to do them. I have reasons why I want to do them. They are all optional. I know this. My scuedule is booked because I enjoy everything on it. But if I want to keep doing all of it, I need to make sure my priorities are right.

Eat Well
Keep to my Rythmn
Enjoy the Down Time

Sugar Cravings – Evil Sweetness

stack of sugar cubes in spoon. isolated on white
Sugar Cravings
Let me help you eliminate sugar cravings so that you can embrace a nutrient dense whole foods lifestyle while still enjoying delicious meals and desserts.

I prractice a holistic approach to health and wellness, which means I look at how all areas of your life are connected.

Together we will work to reach your health goals in areas such as
-achieving optimal weight
-reducing food cravings
-increasing sleep
-maximizing energy

As we work together, you will develop a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that work best for you and implement lasting changes that will improve your energy, life balance and health.

To see if we will work well together, call or email me to set up a FREE 30min Strategy Session.
(check out FYPlife.com for contact information)

To your Optimal Self,
Kim Wendt
Health Coach, Fuel Your Potential

Adrenal Fatigue

sleep on computer
Adrenal FatigueKim Wendt

Definition – Adrenal Fatigue is any decrease in the ability of the adrenal glands to carry out their normal functions. This happens when your body is overwhelmed, when stress overextends the capacity of your body to compensate and fully recover.

I primarily help women overcome feeling stressed, burned out, and exhausted so they can wake up feeling refreshed and energized throughout the day without the need of stimulants like caffeine or sugar.

I prractice a holistic approach to health and wellness, which means I look at how all areas of your life are connected.

Together we will work to reach your health goals in areas such as
-achieving optimal weight
-reducing food cravings
-increasing sleep
-maximizing energy

As we work together, you will develop a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that work best for you and implement lasting changes that will improve your energy, life balance and health.

To see if we will work well together, call or email me to set up a FREE 30min Strategy Session.

To your Optimal Self,
Kim Wendt
Health Coach, Fuel Your Potential



Interested in losing weight? The simple act of being present could help you drop those extra pounds.

Hardly anyone would argue that being more present in your life, body, and mind, or with your family and friends creates a healthier you and more solid relationships with those closest to you.

Being present with your food does exactly the same thing. By eating your food more mindfully, you are creating a relaxation response in the body which helps you to digest and assimilate this food much more easily. This rest & digest mode ultimately creates a healthier you because you’ll prime your metabolism to work efficiently and you’ll glean more nutrients from your food. You’ll also have a better relationship with your food because you’ll savor and appreciate it more not only for its taste but also for what it can do for you.

The opposite would be gobbling your food down mindlessly to the point where you don’t even taste what you’re eating, and it’s gone within minutes and sometimes even seconds. Eating in this manner creates a stress response in the body which effectively shuts down your digestion and increases the release of cortisol in your body. This ultimately causes you to store your food as fat.

So be more present with your food at every meal, snack, or even bite. Sloooow down with your food. This means using all of your senses. First smell and then really look at how appetizing your food is (or isn’t) to you. (If it isn’t, maybe it’s time to upgrade.) Take a bite and feel its texture on your tongue. Notice if it’s salty, sweet, sour, bitter, or pungent. Now begin to chew it and continue chewing until you have a liquidy paste in your mouth. Your saliva is the first defense in breaking down your food for digestion. Swallow and repeat.

By slowing down with your food, you allow yourself to truly savor and enjoy it. Rather than a whirlwind blur of inhaling, choking down, and wondering “What the heck did I just eat?!” moment, food and the act of eating becomes a pleasant, relaxing and nourishing experience.

Clean It Up

I mentioned last week on my Facebook Page that I have been helping out a CrossFit group in Paso Robles with their introduction to Whole30. Getting everyone excited about it and encouraging them to do it got me thinking… I should revisit my diet and ‘Clean It Up’.

Don’t get me wrong – it wasn’t like I was eating Twinkees and Oreos, but there was room to improve.
My wife was super interested in doing the same – so last Wednesday we kicked it off (3 days after the Paso Group).
Since then, I have noticed a few things…

1. When you eat Paleo as your normal diet, refining it into Whole30 standards is not that hard.
2. Unless you are addicted to fruit and starchy veggies, the Sugar Detox Phase (days 1-4) is not that bad – no major headaches, just a little tired on day three – no big deal.
3. If you have any sensitivities to foods that you were not aware of – you suddenly realize the details.

For the last year (since Sept 2011), I have been struggling with pain in my hip and leg. This is stemming from a bulged disc in my lower back. If I am sloppy in posture, try to relax on the couch, skip my stretching, etc… it fires up and is unpleasant. It got so bad at times that it would disrupt my sleep. I cherish my sleep and block out enough time to get up to 10 hours, but rarely would I make it past 6 or 7 simply because my hip and leg HURT like a Mother…

For the last 8 weeks, things have progressively gotten better – but the most NOTICEABLE difference has come from the last 5 days (since I started Whole30). I feel tight in the morning, but I can stand up out of bed (and 9 hours of sleep) without pain. After doing about 10 Good Mornings and a little hamstring stretch, I feel ‘Normal’. I can do Burpees again (YAY! – Kind of…). I can get up from a chair and immediately move! (under appreciated by most people).

Again – don’t get me wrong – it’s not like I was eating Twinkees and Oreos (why do I keep repeating this?)… I was eating Paleo… but I am pretty confident that the Nut Butters were my demise. Can you believe that?!?! There is still a chance that it was my Whey Protein Powder in my Post Workout Meals or the Greek Yogurt that I would enjoy randomly – but unfortunately the Almond Butter was a DAILY DOSE.

Whole30 should be revisited periodically. Even if you think you are Paleo Clean. You just might find a link to a different issue. And as I mentioned before – it is easier the ‘Cleaner’ you are.


Do The Best You Can…

I have been a bit MIA lately, but for good reason…I went on a little vacation, Chuck’s family reunion, to a small farm town near Columbus, OH.  The farm house, nestled on acres and acres of soy bean crops, is over 100 years old and almost all of the furnishings are too…and that’s the way they like it.  This was an interesting trip because it was not my family, it was Chuck’s family that I was meeting for the first time and it was on a soy bean farm. 

Fortunately, I have spent time with Chuck’s mom and she is aware of our dietary lifestyle so was able to “prep” the rest of the family before we got there.  Chuck’s aunt was very upfront and told me off the bat that the soy bean seeds are not organic and are, in fact, Monsanto Round Up Ready soybeans.  I even got to see the bags of seeds in the shed.  It was an interesting experience for me because I read so much information regarding soy, Monsanto and GMOs in general, and to be able to see them in real life was a bit surreal (and kind of awesome).

Dinner the first night was a bust…there was no way Chuck and I were going to avoid the chicken enchiladas: corn tortillas, chicken, cream of mushroom soup and loads and loads of melted cheese.  Of course dinner would not have been complete without the flour tortillas cut into triangles, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and baked until golden brown.  Yeah…we just looked at each other, promised “tomorrow will be better” and dove in head first and it was amazing, I am not going to lie.  The next day, as promised was a bit better, not perfect, but better…

We were able to get access to a car and go to the store.  We picked up  some bacon, eggs, lunch meat, lettuce, olives, avocados, broccoli and fruit.  Chuck had bacon, eggs and fruit for breakfast.  I had bacon, avocado and fruit (still not eating eggs).  Lunch was easiest, we made lettuce sandwiches with the lunch meat, lettuce, avocados from the store and tomatoes and cucumbers from the farm.  I forgot to mention, in addition to the soy bean crops, Chuck’s aunt has her own “personal” garden which she says is organic.  I, of course, didn’t argue the fact that the wind probably blows a bunch of the Round Up on her garden…I didn’t think that would be polite of me.  I was proud of us when it came to dinner.  They made some sort of white sauce and spaghetti noodles.  We did eat the white sauce (remember, we promised better, not perfection) but poured it over the broccoli instead of the noodles.  It was rather tasty.  Oh’ they also served a HUGE loaf of garlic cheesy bread, which we both stared at, but did not indulge in.

The next day breakfast and lunch were the same, but dinner was even better.  I had an opportunity to tag along to a farmers market where I found a farmer who sold grassfed AND finished ground beef.  I was so happy, she even had a display explaining WHY grassfed/finished is better for us.  I was so proud!  I found another farmer who sold gorgeous onions, swiss chard and tomatoes so we had hamburgers for dinner.  One of Chuck’s aunts took a bite and was amazed at how good it tasted…another aunt said she could not taste the difference. 

Our last night was probably the best night.  The whole family went out to a Mexican restaurant in Columbus.  Have you ever been to a restaurant and your waiter ends up being amazing?  Well, it happened to us.  First, one of the cousins ordered a cheese enchilada.  The waiter, being perceptive, informed her that the sauce had meat in it.  I use to be a vegetarian and I can’t tell you how many times I ordered something meatless, but the sauce was loaded with meat.  I know it seems logical, but trust me, it is rare to find a waiter who gets that.  Next, Chuck and I ordered chicken, steak and shrimp fajitas, no tortillas, no rice, no beans, extra veggies.  Again, the waiter impressed me and asked if we wanted lettuce in replace of the tortillas!  I could not believe it!  Heck yeah we do!  I wish I could say I thought of that myself, but I never even put that together.  Dinner was amazing!

I have so much to share about this trip, but I am trying to keep it short(ish).  In general, the amount of SAD “food” that was consumed was truly, well, sad.  I am not saying this to be all judgy, I am saying this because it was not long ago that I thought what I was eating was food too.  I truly believe it is an issue of just plain not knowing and deception by fancy marketing. 

Lastly, I wanted to share this because we were in a situation where we had little to no control over what we were served, yet we made the best of it and I hope this inspires someone else who may find themselves in a similar situation.  Do the best you can… 

~ Carie





Article Series about Insulin Resistance

One of my favorite sites is Whole Health Source, by Stephan Guyenet.

He, like Chris Kresser, takes a skeptical approach to health and nutrition, often times seeing what others don’t. He comes to his conclusions through a scientific approach and without the pressure or influence of ‘labels’ (Paleo, Primal, etc…).

There is an interesting ‘Multi Part’ series of articles he posted starting in January.

Take the time to review and read this… I find it fascinating how much our diet impacts insulin and what kind of negative results come of that.

What Causes Insulin Resistance Part 1

Fat, Fat, Fat

When I describe my daily diet to people, I generally get a response of ‘wow, that’s a lot of fat!’ or ‘that can’t seem healthy’ or my favorite ‘where do you get your fiber?’.
These questions come up because my food choices break down to something like 50% of my calories coming from Fat, 30-35% from Protein and the remaining 15-20% from Carbs.
I don’t eat Grains or Legumes. No bread, no pasta, no cereal, no waffles, no pop tarts, no twinkles.
I do eat Meat, Lots of Veggies, some fruit, nuts and seeds and a lot of fat from sources like Avocado, Coconut (oil, flakes, butter, milk, etc… Any and all forms!) and animal fats like rendered bacon fat.

Why do I do this? Marks article does an amazing job explaining the benefits of being Fat Adapted.
At one point in time I was the Sugar Adapted example that Mark speaks to. I was Vegan. There was no way I could go more than 2-3 hours without needing to eat. I survived off carbs. I was diagnosed as ‘pre-diabetic’. I had to change for the sake of my health.

Take the time to read the following article.
If you are interested in adjusting your diet and making some strides towards becoming Fat Adapted, please feel free to contact me!

Mark Sisson – Fat Burning article