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The last post was focused around Rest and Recovery. Paying attention to how you ‘water’ your body is another important factor to a balanced lifestyle. Proper hydration helps everything work better. From recovery to maintaining performance, replacing your lost fluids is like keeping oil in the engine of your car. Run it dry and you have major melt down. Run it with too much and you start blowing gaskets and seals.

How much water should you drink? It depends.
Chris Kresser recently posted a thorough article about the topic – so I won’t re-write it here.
Check this link out to see it in more detail.

The ‘quick’ notes are:
* Pay attention to your thirst – this is your best indicator that you need water
* Eat a Paleo-ish diet with plenty of veggies and fruits, these foods are H2O dense
* Acknowledge the weather, climate, and your activity – they all have an impact

Hydration is important – but you may not need to stress about gulping down 64oz a day… listen to your body, it is a great communicator (when we pay attention to what it is trying to say ).