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November Foods!


Pumpkin Pancakes w/ Bacon and Eggs – No FLOUR!

November tends to bring the stress of eating ‘healthy’ and the guilt associated with it to an all time high. With Thanksgiving and Holiday Parties on the calendar, it can become increasingly challenging to avoid the bad foods. That should not be an excuse. At the end of the day, you have control over what goes into your mouth. Although that is easy to say (and easier to write), it is not ‘easy’ to implement. The secret – find healthier versions of the things you love.

You like Mash Potatoes – find a recipe that uses Cauliflower instead – like this

You like Pumpkin Pie – this one ROCKS!

You need other GREAT Thanksgiving Recipes – check out these sites:


NomNom Paleo

Whole9Life – A Healthy Thanksgiving

Mark’s Daily Apple – Thanksgiving search

Don’t let excuse of ‘It’s the holiday’ or ‘I’ll start in the new year’ or ‘I’ll just do it at this one party’ (there will be MANY parties this time of year). If you don’t know what foods will be at the event you are headed to – BRING YOUR OWN and share. Yeah, it will cost a little more than you normally would spend. Yes, you will have to make a LOT because everyone around you will be SCARFING down YOUR food. Yes, YOU WILL HAVE BETTER OPTIONS TO CHOOSE FROM when you do this…


The Foundation to Good Health

It starts with what you put into your mouth.
Think about it – we all know that food contains calories. We all know that the more we move, the more calories we burn. It is safe to assume that if we pay attention to what we eat, we will improve our health. So now it comes down to the quality of your calories.

Again – we all know sugar is not good for us. There is also a huge movement towards eating ‘Whole Foods’ and not processed junk. So far, this is easy. Avoid Sugar, Eat Whole Foods. That is a great start.

Well, it gets way more complicated than that – but only if you are trying to figure out how to eat the crappy food that is pushed on us every day. If you are trying to figure out how to take the sugar out of a Pop-tart, or the fat out of a piece if cake, you are going to fail.

Fake sugars are just as bad a real sugar – in fact, they are even worse.

It is simple when it comes down to it – Eat meat, healthy fat, veggies and some fruit.
Seriously – look at your plate –
Meat? 4-5oz of chicken – check
Veggies? add some broccoli and lettuce – check
Fat? add an avocado – check

That wasn’t hard.
Repeat 3x a day.