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Ok – so it might have seemed like this website and blog was DEAD. No activity since July. Well, I don’t have any excuses… I have been super BUSY. It wasn’t a priority at the time.

Things have changed. It’s not that I have more time, but it has been moved up my priority list. I am excited about some of the options I am going to bring to this site and some of the direction I plan on going in… For starters:

1. Weekly I will be posting a video on how to create a different meal. The focus will be ‘Simple, Quick, Easy’. The ingredients are going to be almost all Paleo (sometimes I like a little rice or cheese). The intent of the project is to show you how easy it is to throw together a nutritious meal quickly – as long as you have a good variety of items in your fridge.

2. I will regularly post articles about Paleo and other health impacts to encourage you to grow your awareness of how FOOD impacts your LIFE.

If you have any questions – need any ‘accountability’ around food/habits/routines – or are looking for a ‘coach’ to help keep you on track with fitness and an overall Healthy Life Style – just let me know!

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Thanks – Mike