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3rd Round…

When I am working with a client on changing their Nutrition, I always like to initiate it with a Whole30 challenge. In case you have not read some of the previous posts, the Whole30 challenge is a very strict diet regimen that is designed to help reset your body from Head to Toe. It is 30 days of expected 100% compliance. It resembles Paleo, but don’t make that mistake – it IS NOT PALEO. It is even more refined than Paleo. There are no ‘loop holes’ with Whole30. There is no argument of ‘Wine is Paleo’ or ‘This Cake is made from all Paleo ingredients (no grains or dairy) there for it is Paleo’. In Whole30, when it says No Alcohol, it means NO.ALCOHOL. After all, it only 30 days. Anyone can do ANYTHING for 30 days.

I write this post for a few reasons –
1. The Whole30 group I am working with in Paso Robles, CA is finishing up their 3rd week of Whole30.
2. Being over the half way point, some people are excited about the results, some are a little disappointed.
3. It can become very easy to prematurely ‘Reward’ yourself for being so compliant for this long – but be STRONG

Why is Whole30 so strict?
Let’s talk about why we are focused on food for a minute. Food should make you HEALTHIER. When you take the time to remove problematic foods, you are able to uncover what foods help you and what foods harm you. If you keep disrupting your great changes in your diet by holding onto your vices (wine, honey, cream, oatmeal), you are never going to get to a TRUE level of understanding. Remember the article I wrote about ‘Clean it up…‘ and my almond realization. Do you think I would have ever discovered the impact Almonds were having on my shoulder if I had not decided to remove the ‘vices’ in my diet? I was addicted to almond butter. It’s Paleo – but my body does not like it… especially on a daily dose. Until you remove your vice, you will not know how it truly impacts you – even if it is Paleo.

This brings me to Point #2 from above – what to expect as you are heading into the second half of Whole30…
It is not about the scale.
That’s right… this IS NOT A WEIGHTLOSS program. I said that from Day 1. This is about making you healthy.
You could lose weight by starving yourself, but that won’t make you healthy.
This is about helping your body heal and recover from YEARS OF ABUSE.
The body is pretty amazing – you get a cut or a scrape and it starts to heal immediately. The same thing happens on the inside, but if you keep cutting/scraping it, it won’t heal and it may get infected (Systemic Inflammation, disease, sickness, etc…). In order to help the healing process, you have to first repair the gut. You repair the gut by putting the right foods in and leaving the bad foods out. Those ‘cheats’ are BAD FOODS.
So – get off the scale – keep it 100% Whole30 compliant for the FULL 30 DAYS – and measure your health by reading THIS ARTICLE.
If you are disappointed with the results so far, be patient. Whole30 is a starting point – it may require Whole45 or Whole60, etc… The more your body has been damaged, the longer it will take to recover. My wife (a former Vegan for 25 years) is still recovering after 2 years of eating a clean Paleo diet. It takes time.

Finally – I will post an article about how to navigate the days after the Whole30 next week.
There is a system to it. You don’t want to waste all of your hard work – so be patient and follow along.

Clean It Up

I mentioned last week on my Facebook Page that I have been helping out a CrossFit group in Paso Robles with their introduction to Whole30. Getting everyone excited about it and encouraging them to do it got me thinking… I should revisit my diet and ‘Clean It Up’.

Don’t get me wrong – it wasn’t like I was eating Twinkees and Oreos, but there was room to improve.
My wife was super interested in doing the same – so last Wednesday we kicked it off (3 days after the Paso Group).
Since then, I have noticed a few things…

1. When you eat Paleo as your normal diet, refining it into Whole30 standards is not that hard.
2. Unless you are addicted to fruit and starchy veggies, the Sugar Detox Phase (days 1-4) is not that bad – no major headaches, just a little tired on day three – no big deal.
3. If you have any sensitivities to foods that you were not aware of – you suddenly realize the details.

For the last year (since Sept 2011), I have been struggling with pain in my hip and leg. This is stemming from a bulged disc in my lower back. If I am sloppy in posture, try to relax on the couch, skip my stretching, etc… it fires up and is unpleasant. It got so bad at times that it would disrupt my sleep. I cherish my sleep and block out enough time to get up to 10 hours, but rarely would I make it past 6 or 7 simply because my hip and leg HURT like a Mother…

For the last 8 weeks, things have progressively gotten better – but the most NOTICEABLE difference has come from the last 5 days (since I started Whole30). I feel tight in the morning, but I can stand up out of bed (and 9 hours of sleep) without pain. After doing about 10 Good Mornings and a little hamstring stretch, I feel ‘Normal’. I can do Burpees again (YAY! – Kind of…). I can get up from a chair and immediately move! (under appreciated by most people).

Again – don’t get me wrong – it’s not like I was eating Twinkees and Oreos (why do I keep repeating this?)… I was eating Paleo… but I am pretty confident that the Nut Butters were my demise. Can you believe that?!?! There is still a chance that it was my Whey Protein Powder in my Post Workout Meals or the Greek Yogurt that I would enjoy randomly – but unfortunately the Almond Butter was a DAILY DOSE.

Whole30 should be revisited periodically. Even if you think you are Paleo Clean. You just might find a link to a different issue. And as I mentioned before – it is easier the ‘Cleaner’ you are.